Brand Mission

Androgynous, unisex, gender neutral, our brand is simply designed for human beings. Throughout time, society has dictated that men should dress in one way and women in another – it often starts in school, trousers and blue are for boys, skirts and pink for girls. This leads into adulthood and shapes the way we present to the world.
Aesthetic Noir was founded on the basis of breaking down these barriers. Fabric does not have a gender. Our customers don’t want to be defined by the section of the store in which they shop. We should be able to wear what we feel comfortable in and for many, the choice of only two styles of clothing – male or female – isn’t enough, and it doesn’t fully represent the world we inhabit. Unisex or gender neutral styles somewhat bridge that gap, allowing people to dress however they want, regardless of their gender.
Our society is binary enough as it is. And yet fashion is not black and white, right or wrong, boy or girl. Fashion is diverse, free, creative and each individual should be at liberty to create the perfect look that they feel expresses their true being.
Our store is however divided into femme and masc products to help people navigate between potential size variations. Femme items have a slightly closer fit to traditional feminine clothing, while masc items have a slightly closer fit to masculine items. There is a lot of crossover and most items can fit just about anyone regardless of their gender. So please, go wild. Create the look you want and love yourself in whichever way you feel true.