5 Avant-Garde Pieces to Inspire Your Wardrobe

5 Avant-Garde Pieces to Inspire Your Wardrobe

If the mainstream fashion fails to impress you, if the current trends never appeal to you, if you aren’t a fan of the popular style, know that you are an avant-garde person.

You need a style statement that breaks you free from the norms and expectations. You need the strange, the unusual, the unconventional.

Avant-garde doesn’t mean you should take fashion inspiration from 90s gothic teens or the 00s emo kids who terribly misrepresented the style through pop culture. Avant-garde is much classier and more refined.

It is intriguing, experimental, and at the same time, expressive. It is a distinctive style that will make you stand out without being flashy, a style that speaks volume without being loud.

At Aesthetic Noir, we bring you true avant-garde fashion with our modern, mysterious, and minimalistic pieces. We focus on simple yet powerful designs that can reflect the true you. You can now carry that blatant expression of yourself wherever you go, including your workplace.

If that sounds like something your wardrobe was lacking, it needs an avant-garde upgrade. Such a radical wardrobe upgrade can be overwhelming. So, we have shortlisted five of our best avant-garde pieces to inspire a change.

1. The Asymmetrical Cloak of Mystery

Let’s take it from the top.

You can layer your outfits with a piece that turns anything it touches into an avant-garde expression. Our Jet Black Cashmere Peacoat is an asymmetrical take on a peacoat, but you have the option to wear it like a regular coat as well. It is that very versatility that puts it on this list.

It is asymmetrical if partially buttoned but turns into a sleek and stylish symmetrical coat if fully buttoned. You can wear it over anything including a regular jeans and tee, but it is best paired with one of our avant-garde dresses.

The frayed seam adds an edge to the entire look, making it noticeably different from a regular peacoat. It may seem worn out but we haven’t compromised quality and comfort for the sake of creativity and versatility. This luxurious coat is made from the finest cashmere and can keep you warm on most days.

2. That Little Bohemian Dress

What’s a woman without a dress!

Fashion gurus tell every woman to have at least one Little Black Dress; they never say what kind of LBD. That means you can experiment as much as you can. Defy the norms without committing a faux pas with our Black Boho Cotton Dress.

We love this one because we can’t think of a wrong day or time to wear it. It is pretty enough for a fun party and it is practical enough for work. The exaggerated peplum waist creates all the difference by adding a hint of contrast to the otherwise simpler and straightforward design.

If you are wondering how this dress would pair with that peacoat, we say you are already somewhat of an avant-garde fashion guru. Since these are two of our most versatile pieces, they beautifully complement each other while leaving a lot of room for experimentation.

3. In to the Ruffle

Forget the fringe, avant-garde fashion equally embraces the frills and ruffles. One of our most beloved pieces, another must-have for anyone looking for an unconventional wardrobe upgrade, is the Ruffled Long Sleeve Shirt. This is where the concept of simplicity and creativity collapse into each other, and possibly create these beautiful ruffles.

The slim A-line fit and the asymmetric hem give this shirt a very futuristic look. The ruffles have a raw edge that adds a powerful avant-garde expression to the piece. You can pair it with any regular pants or skirt because the shirt alone is enough to carry that avant-garde expression on its shoulders.

No matter how you wear it, you can never go wrong with this ruffled shirt. It is available in both white and black, leaving you a bigger window for experimentation with colors and contrasts.

4. The Dystopian Business Bell

When seeking avant-garde inspiration, you don’t have to worry about whether a piece is work-friendly or not. Don’t go by the norms, defy them. Do the unexpected.

 If we have to pick one piece that can make you seem like a person who means business through and through, it would be our seriously-stylish Cotton Shirt With Wide Bell Sleeves.

You guessed it. It is an unconventional take on the traditional button-down shirt. It is amazing how big of a difference a change of sleeve can actually make. The exaggerated bell sleeves add an oriental-cum-dystopian feel, and we don’t know if there is anything more avant-garde than that.

Just like any button-down shirt, you can wear it with any skirt or trousers. Pair it with one of our experimental pieces to create a complete head-turner.

Since it is made from premium breathable cotton, you can comfortably wear it all year round. Just another reason, you need this one in your wardrobe.

5. The Nine Layers of Intrigue

Sounds like there is one more coat on the way to your wardrobe! Not really.

Layers are so avant-garde that we don’t limit them to the tops.  

Our Nine Points Skirt Pants are nothing short of a magnum opus for us. These pants combine beautiful flowy layers and a stylish cut that come together to create an unmatched look. The layers aren’t there just for the aesthetics, pull the drawstrings together to turn it into a casual black skirt when desired. It looks absolutely radical either way.

While it is unique and outstanding, this skirt is designed to be comfortable and casual. It is why it is made from wrinkle-free polyester fabric that makes it a low maintenance piece to have in your wardrobe. Just pick it up, put it on without a second thought.

We have taken versatility to the next level with this one. Not only can you wear it as a skirt or pant, but you can also pair it with almost any top, avant-garde or not.

Ready for an Upgrade?

Take it one piece at a time. Once you experience how it is like to sport a style statement that truly defines who you are, you will keep coming back for more inspiration. We will make sure our catalog is always up to date for you.

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