Avant Garde Fashion For Fall

Avant Garde Fashion For Fall

Creamy chocolates, organic oranges, and sultry siennas are some of the most popular colors for Fall. Still in confusion on how to make all these colors work for you? Then Avant Garde or rather Avant Garden is the trend for you to watch. Dark florals play a large part in this trend and let all of the seasons major colors play a role in any ensemble. So read on to learn more about this great trend that can have you looking hot off the runways in no time!

Keep It Classically Feminine. Skirts, blouses, and stoles are some of the items that are essential to wear this trend. Think Coco Chanel chic circa 1930's. For emphasis on these classic pieces, buds and blooms dominate the runway. Fall florals this season are somber and mysterious. Go for printed skirts and solid tops. 

Keep It Dark. The muted shades of eggplant, midnight blue, burnt orange and brick red keep the trend lively with a touch of ominous. You know that you are wearing the colors of this trend correctly when your ensemble also gives off the vibe of being moodily romantic. Keep the colors dark, but not morbid! A touch of an ultra luxurious fabric such as our Midnight Black Velvet Kimono Blazer would do the trick.

Keep It Bold. Now that you know what silhouettes and colors to choose, you need to keep the ensemble bold through patterns, fabrics, and accents. Since ladylike, not grand matronly, is the objective of this trend, keep it fresh and updated by your use of bold floral patterns and prints. An ideal mix of classically feminine and bold would be a floral printed skirt worn with our Gothic Button Down Blouse, plaid boucle overcoat, fur stole, and our Moto Hat.

Can you Avant Garde? Now you definitely know how! Since many colors, prints, patterns, and fabrics can be incorporated into this trend, it is best to start with no more than two prints, patterns, or fabrics in one ensemble. Remember it is much easier to add an accent to an outfit than to take one away. Starting with only two, and adding if the outfit permits, will keep your look classic. Enjoy the sumptuous colors, fabrics, and silhouettes of this trend and be effortlessly runway chic in no time. Good luck and happy shopping!

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