Handmade Vegan Clothing for the Modern Individual

Veganism is not more just a food choice! Today, the term permeates all aspects of our lives; how we travel, how we live, and even how we dress up!

Yes, “Vegan Clothing” is a term that defines high-quality, animal-free fashions.

Impressed by the ethical concept, many famous personalities have already embraced vegan clothing. These celebrities include Pamela Anderson, Joaquin Phoenix, popstar Pink, Christy Turlington, and Alicia Silverstone, to name a few. Everyone who conscientiously opts for cruelty-free apparel is a vegan fashionista.

The best part is you can easily get affordable vegan avant-garde clothing designed for modern women. With the growing popularity of this fashion trend, many fashion designers and stores are offering a wide range of options.

Since navigating the fashion world can be a bit challenging, here is your handy guide to shopping for authentic vegan clothing:

Know Your Vegan Options

Faux fur is the obvious replacement of animal pelts that comes from rabbits, minks, foxes, etc. Polyester and acrylic imitate fur if you want to feel something furry.

Ditch wool for acrylic wool as well as synthetic fleece that feel equally warm, durably, and easy to care for.

For silk, go for manmade fabrics that offer the same sensation and feel. Replace animal feathers and down in your closet with fillers like synthetic down.

Choose clothing made from any of the following materials:

  • Recycled or repurposed materials
  • Hemp
  • Organic cotton
  • Bamboo
  • Jute
  • Wood pulp fibers

Besides these, there are several other viable options for vegan clothing.

Read the Label Carefully

When reading a vegan dress label, you must look for categories including lining, quilting, and outer shell, etc. If you do not find the material list, you must check it for the "Care Instruction' label.

Note that most of the animal materials have to be dry-cleaned. They do not do well in the dryer or when they are wet. On the other hand, synthetics and most of the plant-based materials are perfect for machine washing safely.

In addition, you must also look out for combinations. For instance, a sweater can be made of 70-percent acrylic and 30-percent mohair. Other common blends you will find on the market are silk/cotton as well as cotton/wool.

Shop only from Trusted Stores

Buy from vegan businesses or from those who make this type of ethical clothing themselves. Here, one concern is budget because not all budgets allow for authentic vegan clothing. Fortunately, several stores provide affordable homemade vegan dresses with a guarantee.

Shop for affordable vegan avant-garde clothing and choose to live an ethical, cruelty-free life. We also sell vegan boots, belts, and other accessories.

In addition to vegan clothing, we also offer a wide range of dark, sustainable fashion and Victorian gothic clothing. You will find designer fashion with an exclusive range of styles at a reasonable price at our store.

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