Our Top Picks for Timeless Elegance this Summer

Our Top Picks for Timeless Elegance this Summer

Fast fashion is out, and alternative fashion is having a major fashion moment. But when it comes to personality-defining fashion pieces, you don’t want to make hasty decisions that would look too outdated come next season. You want something that will accompany you on your transformational fashion journey for years to come. Something that will ‘spark joy’ the Marie Kondo way even years later. Something that, like good wine, would age gracefully and timelessly.

And that’s exactly what our Summer Collection is about this year! Each carefully curated piece is a statement on its own. But if you are having a hard time picking out your favorites, here’s our list of top timeless pieces from our current collection:

The KISS Effect- Keeping It Super Simple

Elegance never ages. This cotton round neck A-line dress is super simple and perfect for work, lunch, meetings, a day at the sea, stroll through the mall, New York Fashion Week and anything and everything in between! If you want to make the most of our sustainable and high-quality fabrics’ durability, then you might as well select something that will give you an excuse to go out and make a statement!

The Parisian Twist

Stripes don’t go out of style, but they don’t have to be boring either. This irregular striped shirt is a summer basic, and will remain one for years to come. Stripes and spots don’t always have to blend in, they can be as bold as your sense of style! Pair it with a statement skirt or a simple pair of jeans and it’d compliment beautifully.

Step into the Unfamiliar Comfort

If you are a lover of avant-garde fashion pieces, then there’s a fair chance that you already own a few pair of quirky shoes. And at times, they might come at the cost of compromising on comfort. But not with these minimal flat sandals. They are minimalistic, unique and as comfortable as they come.

The Black Dress of the Future and the Past

You cannot not talk about timeless pieces without the ultimate black dress. You have to have some of those, and one more to complete your wardrobe. And if you are looking for a timeless investment, then this crinkled ankle-length dress ticks all the boxes for elegance, adaptability, style and status!

What is your go-to article of clothing that you consider a long term investment? Do let us know!


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