The Perfect Head-to-Toe Modern Goth Glam Look

The Perfect Head-to-Toe Modern Goth Glam Look

Modern Goth glam is much more elegant and muted. And unlike what it seems like, it is not about playing it safe, but just about finding your true style and letting it shine. There is nothing and no one that should stop you from looking Modern, Gothic and absolutely Glamorous. And if your own confusions and indecisiveness coming in the way, then allows us to create the ultimate Modern Goth Glam look for the season.

These pieces have been handpicked to take your style quotient up a number of notches, that will become a timeless addition to your existing wardrobe to help create numerous different looks for day and evening wear.

The Stallion Stripe

T-shirts make the world a better place in so many ways! They are comfortable, interactive and completely malleable into whatever style you want them to. And when they come in irregular patterns and flared sleeves, they raise the bar without the comfort. This Irregular Cut Short Sleeve T-shirt will add boldness and personality without the od-ing on any particular style. Perfect for the laid-back street style Modern Goth Glam look. You can easily pair it with any of your Goth pants, Goth skirts, or our personal suggestion below.

Find the Middle Way

Lowers need to be mindful, long-term investments. You don’t want to invest in something that wouldn’t last until next season. These unique ¾ Length Pants are a perfect mix of modern and Goth, making them a must have long-term investment. And it’s not just the quality that would last you for years, but the is-this-a-skirt-is-this-a-pant style will seamlessly jell well with pretty much everything from your wardrobe. Pair it with our choice above and you’d be ready to show the Modern Goth Glam world how it is actually done!

Take a Hike Feet Up!

The calf-length pants will give you the perfect opportunity to swank these funky Open Toe Buckle Sandal available in Black and Green/White combos. Give your footwear an uplift with these extremely comfortable and Avant Garde sandals.

What accessories/makeup would you recommend with this look? Do share your creativity for the ultimate Modern Goth Glam look with our head-to-toe recommendations.

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