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Black is certainly one of the main staples of Goth fashion, and has been for a number of years. However, black is such a versatile color, and it takes more than putting on a black outfit to call yourself a Goth. True, the Goth subculture itself isn't really about fashion. However, you tell the world something about yourself by the way you dress.

What is the purpose of dressing like a Goth? To express yourself. Now, while black is a good default, many Goths add other colors to their outfits such as grey or white.

More and more, you see rich colors such as pink, dark red, and royal blue as part of Goth outfits. Despite all these trends, one thing remains the same: The main color is black.

The right accessories are most important when you dress according to the Goth style. Lots of jewelry, and often piercings, are a hallmark of the style. Silver or pewter jewelry is common, usually in dramatic or chunky styles.

What's also popular are religious symbols, which are frequently worn as pendants. It's an important part of one's identity. You'll often see a lot of gloves and sleeves (arm warmers). Patterned tights are common. Working color into Goth fashion can be done with fishnet or striped tights.

If you're looking to dress in the Goth style, we should have something for you. We provide a variety of goth, dark and alternative fashion styles without breaking the bank. You have thousands of choices when it comes to dressing in Goth fashion. Find your style here.

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